In comprehensive terms, the texts are studied the way they were written explaining then thoroughly every single element contained in the reading in order to avoid “studying by heart”.

The learning process comprise the following steps:

- Punctuation: the reading of the Torah must be exact. In order to achieve this goal, punctuation is explained or strengthened, depending on each case, in a most practical and dynamic way. This step allows to be able to read the texts correctly.

-. Symbols (Teamei Hamikra): the symbols are explained thouroughly, beginning from their task and moving on to their melody.

-. Contents: the understanding of the contents of the texts are of extremely importance due to the fact that the meaning of a Bar Mitzvah makes sense when what’s being done is understood.

-. Analysis: the texts were written thousands of years ago. Therefore, they are enriched by every single Jewish person who enlightens them with his / her own wisdom and joins himself / herself to the millenary legacy of the Jewish People. Each Bar / Bat Mitzvah is invited to make an individual analysis of the texts guided by Martin Alfie and carrying on a modern interdisciplinary connection and learning, at the same time, of the millenary legacy.

-. Speach (Drasha): the last stage of the learning process deals with the writing of a speech (Drasha) in order to express each Bar / Bat Mitzvah’s wisdom.

-. Acknowledgements: having the skill and capacity of expressiveness is of an extremely importance. In that sense, the Bnot and Bnei Mitzvah are guided on being able to express their feelings about their beloved ones in order for the message, as well as the speech, to get through clearly to its interlocutor.