Martin Alfie, being an extremely experienced cantor, has escorted hundreds of Israeli, American, Canadian, European and Latin American families on their Bar / Bat Mitzvah ceremonies in Hebrew, English and Spanish languages.

During the course of the ceremony, the whole family takes part of it undertaking different tasks such as opening the Ark Veil, blessing the Torah reading as well as pronouncing additional blessings.

Due to the fact that the whole family find itself involved in the ceremony, there is place for expressing the emotions and feelings of each one of the members.

Moreover, Israeli folk songs can be added as well as taking part of the contents to be conducted is warmly suggested and most welcomed.

The Bar / Bat Mitzvah ceremony is once in a lifetime experience in which everything is said and sang is printed in each one of the family membersí heart forever and so, Martin takes care that that  is the outcome.